With the booming interest in Roof Terrace Gardens, Aralia Landscape Architects, talk you through why your company could benefit from adding a professionally designed and built roof terrace to your restaurant, bar, commercial property or hotel.


One major reason to add a Roof Terrace to your commercial property is the increased value that it brings to the property. Estate agents have estimated that adding a roof terrace can increase the value of your property by at least 10%, if not well in excess of 20%. A roof terrace is a great investment, especially in cities such as London or New York where outside space is often limited. With outdoor space a real premium, the addition of a beautifully designed roof terrace, like the one completed by Aralia for Chelsea Creek Dockside Apartments, will have a significant impact on the return on investment.

Adding a roof terrace has also been shown to increase profits for hospitality businesses such as bars and restaurants. Not only can a roof terrace increase investment opportunities it can also save your company money. Adding a green or living wall to your roof garden insulates your building better, allowing you to save money on energy bills when it comes to heating and cooling.

Perhaps the most obvious of reasons to commission a roof terrace is the holistic benefit that it can add to your business. Roof terraces provide the perfect backdrop for customers to wine and dine, drawing in big crowds on sunny days and cosy winter evenings. The great views that the roof terrace allows is also a great way to attract visitors to the city, as it offers unique sights that are unable to be seen from the ground or indoors. Offering your clients a fantastic view of the city skyline is a great way to attract visitors to frequent your bar or restaurant. Aralia believe that roof terraces should also act as an extension to bars or restaurants, something which is captured in our design for the NOVI Cambridge Bar Roof Terraces.

Roof terraces aren’t just great for bars and restaurants, but a perfect addition for communal areas for corporates or residents. For businesses, the outdoor spaces offer staff the buzz and convenience of the city, as well as the beauty and nature of the countryside. A roof terrace creates a practical space that can be easily adapted to suit various scales of use, such as informal meetings, staff breaks and larger corporate entertaining.

For apartments or penthouses, the roof terrace can deliver a space to create a real sense of community among residents, creating a space where events such as BBQ’s and film screenings can be held. The new trend in Roof Terraces is to offer a much fuller experience to the end user, providing not just a swanky looking terrace but a useable space which can work on multiple levels; as an external space for entertaining larger groups; somewhere to relax; intimate spaces for solo reflection; and finally a private space to perhaps enjoy the hot tub! Clients are then purchasing a lifestyle, not just a penthouse apartment, as the space can provide an aesthetic space as well as a recreational one. Creating a roof terrace with features such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and bespoke art – all of which were incorporated into Aralia’s Chelsea Creek project – provide customers with a cohesive outdoor living space to your indoor living space.



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