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Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning – LVIA / Landscape Strategy Documents / Planning Applications


Aralia are fortunate to have worked on a vast array of projects, some of which can be very complex or located within a sensitive area where landscape planning policy or landscape designations create restrictions on the project. We have gained a wealth of experience over the last decade plus of dealing with such restrictions, providing our clients with thorough landscape planning advice and offering the tools to get the most from their projects, whilst meeting the requirements of planning restrictions.

Landscape planning can be a minefield for our clients who cannot fairly be expected to understand what they can and cannot do depending on the type/complexity/scale or location of their project. This is where Aralia’s team of award winning experienced Landscape Architects can offer accurate advice to prevent delays and potential financial penalties to our clients.

There are many types of landscape planning requirements and we offer full planning application advice and submission for both commercial and residential clients, both on small and large scale. On larger or more sensitive projects we also provide Landscape Visual Impact Assessments which may be required as part of the overall landscape planning submission, particularly for sensitive builds such as those that come under Paragraph 79 (previously known as Paragraph 55). As part of this we assess the project as a whole to see how it may impact the surrounding area, providing detailed mitigation measures within the landscape strategy i.e. screening of a new building, or improving environmental credentials through design, to help support the application. Read more about design services for Paragraph 79 dwellings in our Case Study.      

We also work very closely with your project consultants, such as Architects, to ensure a comprehensive landscape strategy is developed which is consistent with the project as a whole and deals with any issues we feel the proposal may have in landscape planning terms. The landscape strategy is a detailed report which covers everything from the design proposal to visual impact and planting strategies, providing the local authority with comprehensive landscape planning information.    

Aralia has extensive experience in liaising with relevant local planning authorities to give the best possible chance for a planning application to be successful. This includes all pre planning meetings and advice together with the full planning application process itself.

Aralia can also provide a full design and build service, with its team of award winning professional landscape architects who over the past decade plus have delivered the highest quality of design and technical expertise. 

For further information on the full list of services that Aralia offer click here to return to the main landscape services menu or call us on 01279 721 461 for an initial discussion or click here to send us an email enquiry.


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