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History gives another dimension to gardens and the opportunity to link the past with the present. Aralia Landscape Architects have a wealth of experience in balancing modern techniques and ideas within a historic framework, creating a unique juxtaposition between old and new. We have designed many gardens for historic listed properties including for the National Trust, and whilst the majority of these have been more traditional in style, there are still many opportunities to bring a more contemporary edge to these historic landscape projects.

As a landscape team we are passionate about creating, restoring and developing landscape heritage sites. Aralia undertake a thorough level of research to thoroughly understand the complexities of the site, and the developed history, from which we then take inspiration, but layer upon this a retrospective consideration to how this can relate also to the modern day. These historical projects require a high level of sensitivity and we often work collaboratively with other consultants such as Architectural Heritage consultants to ensure a fully rounded approach.

Why Aralia?

Award Winning

Experienced Landscape Architect team

Experienced on Heritage Sites

Technical knowledge & expertise

Planning application expertise

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Aralia can provide experienced Garden Designers for garden design projects, both in London, Home Counties and throughout the UK.  Aralia have won national awards for their Garden designs, and work with a cross section of architects, developers and private clients for Gardens throughout the UK

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