Freshly Prepped By Aralia arrived at Chelsea yesterday! We had 2 deliveries in, the first one came in by Terra Firma (our landscape contractor) who trailered in the deck frame, and materials. The 2nd delivery came in later with pretty much everything else, hardscape wise. We had a pretty good day – slightly wet to start off with, did rain a bit, but never for very long, and it didn’t really hold us up that much. There was some initial confusion about exactly where the garden was to be positioned, but we finally sorted that one out and the team got cracking with the deck – amazingly even though we had some early hold ups we did get the whole of the deck down, which meant that at the end of day 1 we are on time! Well done boys………..

It’s a very friendly atmosphere on site with everyone helping each other, so the neighbouring gardening teams happy to lend each other anything that the other is short of we even went scavenging in skips for odd bits of wood and brick! A big big thank you to Colin Black, Colin is one of our clients and we are in the midst of constructing his garden at present over in Old Harlow, and Colin very kindly offered to give us a hand yesterday and is also coming along one day during show week to help out – what a star! Colin was fab with the tea/coffee run and even brought the boys a supply of much needed chocolate unasked!

Looking forward to day, it should be a good one.