Freshly Prepped by Aralia
The Ultimate Courtyard Kitchen Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2009

The Chelsea Flower Show has been showcasing all that’s new in horticulture and the best of the traditional for almost a century and whilst the small courtyard gardens have been a regular feature for a several years, never before has there been a courtyard kitchen garden complete with living wall. Hertfordshire based Pat Fox from Aralia Garden Design will be pulling out all the stops to ensure her modern kitchen garden delivers both a visual wow factor and will inspire even owners of small outdoor spaces to embrace the concept of growing, preparing and eating food outside.

Pat’s Chelsea Flower Show garden will be planted up with only edible plants, absolutely every plant can be eaten. The concept involves seeing the garden as an extension of the kitchen – somewhere to whip up a cocktail, a salad, a sandwich or a smoothie using the freshest ingredients picked directly from the garden.
The garden will boast an impressive Chelsea Flower Show first and possibly even a first at any major world flower show – a living wall planted with edible crops. Pat has worked with ‘green wall’ expert Marc Laurence of Biotecture on the production of the edible wall and all plants for the wall have been grown hydroponically – using mineral nutrient solutions, in rock wool rather than soil.
Green walling is relatively under-developed in the UK and Pat hopes that her garden can demonstrate to the public the advantages – the principle one being a reduction of thermal loading on the building fabric, heat island reduction, storm-water attenuation, noise reduction, urban ecology, air purification and psychological well being of urban dwellers and with Pat’s garden the exciting opportunity to produce food.

With this garden the green walls help to visibly restore the connections between the built environment and the natural, between mankind and nature
Everything in the garden is bespoke, from the beautiful hand made kitchen cabinets made from Massaranduba hard wood (FSC approved) by Hertfordshire cabinet maker Armstrong Jordan to the contemporary overhead pergola which will incorporate galvanized steel uprights and curved overheads to support edible crops.
The growing boxes which are integral to the kitchen cabinets have been waterproofed using the very latest green roof technology. They are painted with a waterproof liner, to fully seal the units, several layers of various materials are then introduced to allow water to be stored for later use by the plants and any excess water is drained away by a mini drainage system.
Raised beds will contain salad and fruit crops such as lemons, strawberries, baby leaves and runner beans. Although the garden will essentially be green, accents of colour will be introduced via lime green and purple foliage and flowering crops such as nasturtiums and lavender.

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