Art and sculptures have traditionally been reserved for indoor use. Here at Aralia we think art deserves a place in the garden. If you want to include art in your garden but aren’t sure where to start, here’s some inspiration of art and sculptures we’ve included in previous projects.


Sculptures were the first real break-through in incorporating art into gardens, earning their place in grand country estates a long time ago, and we can see why… Garden Sculptures fare well over time and through rain and wind, making them perfect for British weather. Whilst sculptures are typically associated with a more traditional garden, there are plenty of contemporary garden sculptures being produced now that can bring a modern edge to any garden. If you’re looking for a more contemporary piece, opt for metallics, bright colours and geometric patterns. Garden Sculptures can sit beautifully within the garden, becoming a subtle part of them, or they can sit separately, creating a focal point for your roof terrace or urban garden. We recommend going for garden sculptures that will not only stand the test of time but remain timeless pieces.

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From left to right: Essex Country Estate, Centurion Golf Club, Chelsea Creek Dockside Roof Terraces


Now these are our absolute favourites. Glass art panels also withstand the weather well and really do add a touch of luxury to gardens or roof terraces. You can get pre-made glass art panels or beautiful bespoke pieces like these glass panels made by Leyla Murr for our Chelsea Creek Rooftop Terraces. Glass art also bounces light beautifully around the garden both in the day with the sunshine and at night where it intensifies outdoor lighting. Think of the art as your very own kaleidoscope!


And whilst we’re on the topic, how about using actual art? Here at our 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gaze Burvill Trade Stand, we included a Garden Art Canvas.  Placing art within outside dining areas not only just provides a pretty view whilst eating, but perfectly encapsulates the indoor-outdoor lifestyle trend!

Glass Art and Canvas Art Blog

L-R: Chelsea Creek Dockside Roof Terraces, RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden ‘Gaze Burvill Trade Show Garden’


For those looking for a more organic, rustic look, you can still include art in your garden with wooden structures like those used here, again at Chelsea Creek Penthouse Gardens. The frames themselves incorporate patterns into the garden, but also cast beautiful shadows that create light art which changes throughout the day.


Similarly, if you want to go for a more modern look with this same shadowy effect, opt for Laser cut Metal Panels. With a bit of back lighting these panels can really sizzle at night and add a contemporary edge and sparkle to a garden. We can commission bespoke designs (as we have in our Viburnum Gate garden) or you can choose from the increasing number of standards available.

Wooden Structures and Laser Cut Metal Panels Blog

L-R: Chelsea Creek Dockside London Roof Terraces, Viburnum Gate


For the real art lovers who are wanting something bold and brilliant, you can have creative, bespoke pieces made to order. As an example, we incorporated Iconic London Phone Box style seats and a double decker bus into our Iconic London Chelsea Garden Concept. These pieces provide fun playing structures for children or serve as a great USP to make your bar terrace or garden really stand out – and get the Instagrammers flocking! You can request any personalised kind of art or sculptures like this, and Aralia will work with you to create a unique piece of Garden Art just for you.


if you pride yourself on being ahead of the technology game, then its time to catch up in your garden too. You can connect an outdoor LCD TV to your own image gallery to display art outdoors – just as we have done here at our ‘2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden’. This option is also great for those of us who are indecisive, meaning you can change your art piece depending on your mood.

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L-R: Iconic London Roof Terrace Conceptual Design, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 ‘Rooftop Workplace of Tomorrow’


Finally, for those not wanting to include actual art pieces, you can still include some artistic expression into your garden through statement pieces such as a dramatic outdoor fireplace (like the one we used here at Felsted Place), or with living walls that provide texture and vibrancy (like the one we designed for our clients at ‘Viburnum Gate’).

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L-R: Essex Country Estate, Viburnum Gate