Garden lighting is an often overlooked essential despite being able to instantly transform a garden when done well. A beautifully lit garden looks just as good at night as it does in the day – if not better! Here’s some tips on how you can use garden lighting to create a stunning night time look.


Garden Lighting is one of the quickest way to increase garden usage, allowing you to make the most out of your garden at night, as well as in the day. However, it also is one of the easiest ways to add value to your garden, with clever lighting schemes instantly making gardens exude a sense of sophistication. As well as adding sophistication, lighting can create a whole new look for your garden, changing the design from day time to night. Make the most of this versatility by really playing with your lighting scheme so that your garden looks completely different at night to in the day. Choose to light up a few well chosen trees, or skim up a beautiful old wall – suddenly you are adding a depth to your garden at night, that you wouldn’t normally appreciate.


Lighting also works amazingly to create a sense of space in your garden. Consider yourself as a magician and lighting as your bag of tricks, with lighting being used to give the illusion of space. Lighting should be placed near water features or glass panels – even better, near an outdoor mirror – so it bounces and reflects, giving the appearance of more room. Garden Lighting placed on the boundaries of your garden allows you to appreciate the full size of your garden even at night.


Garden Lighting also adds to, and goes hand in hand with, the ambience of a garden or roof terrace. Incorporating lighting schemes where you can change the color or vibrancy of the lighting means you can have your lighting reflecting the mood, or even creating it! We recommend going for a lighter, vibrant look for garden cocktail parties, and dimming the lights for more romantic evenings outside. Adding warm toned lighting can also add a feeling of warmth or sunshine instantly, perfect for those post-summer blues!  Clean white lines are often preferred for more contemporary schemes, where as softer more ‘yellow white’ lights work for a more classic relaxed look.


Lighting is perfect for both revealing and concealing. You can opt for extremely simple lighting schemes which still add luxuriousness to the garden by hiding flawed areas of the garden. Lighting allows you to edit your garden, airbrushing the spaces you want to conceal! Similarly, lighting can bring the garden to life at night, accentuating the garden and its qualities.


By using lighting to accentuate any favorite features of your garden, you can also add drama to the space. Incorporate clever lighting schemes which are positioned near existing features to really compliment them. Use garden lighting to illuminate these beautiful features you have  – including water features, living walls and outdoor kitchens – to really add drama to the garden.


For those who love something different and something with a touch of drama, there is such a diverse selection of outdoor lighting available that can be used to create this. Use lighting as another way to add personality and creativity to your garden by opting for quirky, bespoke pieces (like the orange Rubberised lighting cones we used at Maltese Road).

Aralia can work with you on your garden project, or your fully finished garden, to design and introduce a garden lighting scheme. Whether you want to add a touch of drama, bring out the beauty of your garden, or add value to your home, use garden lighting to achieve

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