Love Island may have split the office, but we can all admit at Aralia that we wouldn’t mind spending a day or two in the Villa garden. Now we can’t recreate the drama for you, but we can recreate the luscious and relaxing Love Island Villa garden.

 The Outside Day Bed 

Our article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the infamous Love Island day bed’s. If you fancy yourself kicking back and soaking up the rays like the Islanders, a day bed is a must have for your garden or roof terrace. Not only is this form of outdoor seating a massive trend, it is also next level comfy! Check out the bespoke cream day beds we added to our RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden 2009 for inspiration! 

 The Fire-pit

Now there may not be any dramatic re-couplings around this fireplace, but we can guarantee it will light your summer parties and warm your winter evenings. Aside from providing a lot of heat, these fire-pits add a focal point to your garden, and are perfect for creating the luxurious look of the Love island Villa garden within a small space.

From Left to Right: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2009 ‘Freshly Prepped’, Knightsbridge Roof Terrace

Swing chairs 

Now the swing bench from this year’s villa has produced a lot of attention, and envy, but we’ve been loving these swing chairs for years. In fact, we used a bespoke hanging bubble chair in our Chelsea St George Dockside Roof Terraces a few years ago. Add a bespoke hanging chair or swinging sofa to your garden to insert both a touch of luxury, and playfulness.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar  

We think this is a necessity in every garden, but even more so if you’re wanting to recreate the Spanish Villa Garden. Adding a kitchen and bar instantly transforms your garden to the ultimate entertaining space. An outside kitchen allows you to spend all your time outside (instead of popping in and out of the house) just like the Islanders, meaning more time for topping up the tan and topping up your drink! 

L-R: Chelsea Creek Dockside Roof Terraces, Rosier House

 Living Wall 

Living Walls are a major trend in Landscape Design right now and they’re not showing any signs of leaving any time soon! Just as the green walls provide a dramatic backdrop to Love Island antics, you can create a focal point with a living wall of your own. A green wall will also instantly inject the tropical, luscious vibe of the Love Island villa into your garden or roof terrace. 


Love Island has been full of colourful characters this year, as well as a colourful garden. We’re talking outdoor cushions, outdoor sofas and even bean bags. If you’re wanting to add a pop of colour to your garden, create some vibrancy with outdoor furniture and accessories. Outdoor sofas provide not just some colour but the ultimate comfort, so you can lay back, relax, and build up a suntan that would rival the Love island contestants! 


The villa is full of fairy lights and swimming pool lighting at night. Whilst you may not have the same kind of space – or budget – some clever lighting can make your garden look as large and luxurious as the villa. Illuminate your steps, hidden corners and walls to add depth and layering to your garden to trick the eye into seeing a bigger space. Adding warm hues of lighting can also recreate that Golden Hour of Spanish sunshine.

L-R: Chelsea Creek Dockside Roof Terraces, Maltese Road

Swimming pool 

We don’t have to explain this one, the swimming pool is obviously a central focus of the villa. If you want to recreate the infinity pool look of previous years, opt for a natural swimming pool that will give you the same gentle lapping and fading effect. For smaller spaces, or for less maintenance, make a splash with a bespoke water feature.

 Personalised Flower Displays 

Now you may not want your garden emblazoned with statements like ‘My type on paper’ or ‘Eggs in one basket’ but using flowers and green walls to make a statement is a fantastic way to personalise your garden. Have a statement or design etched into your green wall, as seen in the Love Island Villa and in our bespoke floral piece for the RBS Charity Gala Dinner. These also provide the perfect, personalised Instagram backdrop!

 Ultimate Fan 

Finally, if you don’t want to recreate the villa garden but are a Love Island fan, add an LCD TV to your garden. These are waterproof and weather resistant, so you can catch up on your favourite sunny show come wind or rain! Invite your friends over, put on the show, sit back and enjoy!

BeFunky-collage (10)

L-R: Viburnum Gate, RBS Charity Gala Dinner, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 ‘Rooftop Workplace of Tomorrow’

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