If you can’t get away this summer, or are already having post-holiday blues from your latest trip, there’s no need to despair. You can create the perfect relaxation retreat within any sized garden, and Aralia is here to help you to do it. So, how can you create the perfect ‘get-away space’ in your own back garden?


One of the easiest ways you can add a more tropical feel to your garden is by injecting it through plants. By scattering your garden with lush, foliage plants, like Trachycarpus fortuneii, you can instantly add a tropical vibe. 🌴 We did the exact same, adding plants at Searles road, to transform an ordinary, grey London roof terrace into a luscious rooftop hideaway. If you have more space, or want to take this even further, you can copy a look like that seen at our Maltese road project (using a dramatic Dicksonian Tree Fern and lush Bamboo’s), filling the garden with lush plants to really complete the jungle look.


 If you’ve got a smaller space but want to add this lush greenery, you can also use a living wall or green wall. These can be added even in small gardens or roof terraces, thanks to their vertical nature, and can immediately add a tropical look that evokes a fresh botanic flavour. These green walls will also be wildlife friendly and will attract birds, bees, butterflies 🦋 and insects, allowing you to be kind to the environment at the same time. Green Walls can also be used to grow seasonal herbs including many varieties of mint, sage & rosemary, so you can pick your Moroccan mint right from your garden and put it straight into that mojito,🍹 whilst you sit back and pretend you’re on holiday in Mustique. 


 To enhance this jungle look & ambiance, you want to recreate the sounds of the rainforest. A great way to do this is through adding a water feature such as a fountain or Water Chute like the one Aralia used in our Knightsbridge Roof Terrace Project. 💧💦 Water features create calming sounds, adding a touch of tranquility to the garden. If you have the space, you can also go for a natural swimming pool or outside shower, both of which instantly transform your garden to a tropical retreat. Go for water features that include pebbles also, they create beautiful sounds with the rushing water and also sit well with the tropical feel.


Pebbles don’t just look good in water but can also be used to continue this tropical look in a fire table 🔥🔥 (like the one Aralia used in our Searles Road Roof Terrace). The pebbles add to the seaside and holiday feel, allowing you to feel like you’re on a holiday somewhere by the sea. Installing a fire table or heaters will also mean you can make the most of your garden or terrace, allowing you to use it even when its chillier, pretending that you’re not stuck in stormy England, but instead sat in sunny Spain.


 Another way to generate heat and recreate this Mediterranean feel is to add an outdoor BBQ to your garden. 🍔 If your old rusty BBQ is on its last legs go for a top of the range, luxury new modern design like those from Gaze Burvill. One of Aralia’s favourite parts of being on holiday is that you can eat meals outside in the warmth. Well, the BBQ will allow you to cook outside – rather than constantly nipping in to grab food 🌭- and will also provide that extra bit of heat – which, lets face it, is more often than not needed in the UK. To allow you to dine outside, or enjoy a drink alfresco (a treat normally reserved just for on holiday), add a canopy or covered pergola to you garden. This not only offers protection from wind and rain on days when the weather is rubbish, but it also can add a warm tone to your garden if you choose a bright and warm colour (see the orange canopy we used at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 for inspiration).


Get a luxury beach club feel with smart furniture choices. By adding in super comfy, spacious reclining white sofa beds (like the ones we used at our RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden in 2009), you can relax & maybe even pretend that you’re on Love island (our guilty pleasure of the summer! 🙊) Alternatively, you can go for a snug L-shaped sofa like the one used at Searles road. Ramp up the  Mediterranean feel by choosing rattan style furniture (featured in our Java house project) that is evocative of those holiday beach shack vibes.


You can also evoke ambiance through the materials you choose. I don’t know about you but when we imagine the Bahamas we conjure images of rustic wood decking through lush evergreens and palms. By using a natural wood in your garden it can add a shabby chic style that brings you closer to the feel of the jungle. Wood, as a rough and raw material, really brings us back to the natural feel that is reminiscent of a tropical getaway or beach, a feel that can be taken one step further by choosing white swinging chairs, using white stained wood. We featured these in our hanging seats in our RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 Show Garden, providing a ‘straight off the beach’ look. 🌊 🏄 White wash or lightly coloured brushed woods (such as the ones we used at Searles Road) can also instantly add to the lightness of feeling within your garden.


For the ultimate beach shack vibe, and a splash of entertainment, what about your very own outdoor cocktail bar. 🍺 🥂 🍷 🥃You can introduce this into smaller gardens by a simple wooden shelf and metal stools under an open kitchen window. For a larger garden or roof terrace, go for a huge rustic chopping board in front of a lush green wall, or treat yourself with a bespoke outdoor bar and outdoor fridge. 🍸 🍹 🍾


If you want to transform your garden or roof terrace into a tropical hideaway, contact Aralia now 

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